5 Proven Factors That Cause Infertility In Women And Solutions

Infertility has disrupted many marriages in the world today. It has been very difficult for most medical practitioners to figure out the particular cause of infertility in women because of its complex symptoms. Apart from poor feeding, there are other numerous factors that reduce the chance of women getting pregnant. Most women ask why they don’t get pregnant during ovulation. this health article will reveal to you the main causes and risks that reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Causes of Infertility In Women And Solutions

Factors That Reduce Women’s Chances of Getting Pregnant

Here are some of the most important infertility factors:

  • Drug Abuse
  • Body Weight
  • Age
  • Stress And Excessive Exercise
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Drug Abuse: 

Drug abuse such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and self-drug prescription can reduce your chance of getting pregnant. Excessive drinking increases the chances of ovulation disorder. Excessive intake of alcohol at the early stage of pregnancy has been proven to be the causes of most premature births. Although some doctors say that a little consumption of alcohol id safe, but in other to be on the safer side, abstain from it.

The same thing goes with cigarette. Up to 15% of miscarriages and infertility cases in the world today is caused by smoking. Smoking damages the DNA and also causes hormonal imbalance.

Most women have formed the habit of self-prescribing drugs. And most times they take wrong dosages of these drugs which might end up damaging their wombs.  

Body Weight: 

Both over weight and underweight might reduce chances of a woman getting pregnant. Ovaries and fat cells regulate estrogen, which affects ovulation. If a woman is too thin, she may not be producing enough estrogen, and if she is too fat, she may be producing excess of it, which is still dangerous. That is why you should check your weight especially for women who are still in their child bearing age.

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Age is another serious factor that can inhibit your chances of getting pregnant. Normally, when a woman reaches around 40 to 50 years of age, she enters her menopause, during which she no longer ovulates and is unable to get pregnant. But some women experience a period called peri-menopause before they clock 40. During this period, she experiences fertility problems, her ovulation becomes less regular and her egg count declines.

Most women experience full symptoms of menopause in their late 30s. Research has proven that the period a woman starts to experience her menopause is most times transferred to her female children. That is to say, if your mum entered her menopause at an early age, there is also a probability that yours might come early.

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Stress And Excessive Exercise: 

Although exercise is recommended and is good for health. But excessive exercises that strain the muscles a lot most times have negative impact in women’s reproductive system. Even women with normal body weight who engage in excessive body work out find it extremely difficult to conceive.
The same thing applies to stress. Excess stress can certainly alter hormone levels and ovulation. Thus making it difficult for a woman to become pregnant.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs): 

Some STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea quietly damage the fallopian tubes. Most of these disease can stay years in a women’s body without any symptom. The woman might only know the presence of these deadly STDs when she now finds it difficult to conceive. That is why it is recommended that women who are still in child bearing age should go for thorough health checkup so that these diseases can be detected and diagnosed when they are still in their early stages and shave not caused much harm to her reproductive system.

I just revealed some causes of infertility in women and their natural solutions. There are some other causes like: chemicals, birth control injections, some other forms of food addictions, medical and health condition, uterine fibroid, etc.

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