How to Detect Low and High Calorie Exotic Meals

Not all food that look healthy are healthy for you, especially exotic meals from other countries. Most times weather also determines how effective a meal will be in the body of consumers in a particular country. Most food that look appetizing contain high calorie which will increase your wait. However, there are some things you should check in a meal to know if it is healthy for you or not. Here are some tips to help you select lower-calorie options when you fancy foreign attractive meals and avoid high calorie meals.

Low Calorie Exotic Meals


Avoid cheese and cream-based pasta sauces, such as alfredo or carbonara.

Thumbs up: Thin pizzas with veg toppings, tomato-based sauces, vegetable-based soups, grilled dishes.

Thumbs down: Cheesy and meaty pizzas, salami, creamy sauces, garlic bread, and lasagna.

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Chinese food can be low-calorie. Just avoid sweet sauces and anything fried or deep-fried.

Thumbs up: Stir-fries, steamed dumplings, steamed veg, plain boiled rice, steamed fish or chicken.

Thumbs down: Anything deep-fried or sweet and sour, prawn toast, spring rolls, egg fried rice.


Thai food is great as it tends to feature lots of steamed or stir-fried vegetables.

Thumbs ups: Salads, stir-fries, steamed rice, broth soups.

Thumbs down: Coconut milk dishes, fried rice, peanut sauce, crispy noodles.


In spite of its reliance on frying, there are plenty of healthier choices.

Thumbs up: Tomato-based sauces, tandoori dishes, plain or basmati rice.

Thumbs down: Bhajis, poppadums, creamy curries, pilau rice, and naan bread.

Tips to Guide You When You Go to Eat in a Restaurant

  • Banish the buffet: It is hard to control your portion size at an all you-can-eat buffet. It’s a real test of willpower and the food tends to be less than healthy. The solution? Avoid them completely!
  • Order less: There’s no need to cry off takeaways when trying to lose weight, but portion control is key. Try to avoid ordering more food than your need.
  • Be Plain and simple: Steer clear of creamy sauces and meals with lots of cheese.


British favourites such as fish and chips, pub meals and traditional breakfasts can easily blow your calorie budget. Avoid fried foods, ploughman’s lunch and pastry based foods such as Cornish pasties and steak and kidney pie. Thin-cut chips and roast potatoes are also a no-no.
Instead, try lean meat, grilled salmon or white fish. And for side dishes, stick to jacket potatoes, steamed vegetables and salad.

Some Low Calorie Food that You Must for a Successful Weight Loss Plan

Some food, especially junk food may contain low calorie but contain excess amount of sugar which will make you gain weight instead of losing weight. If all you can think about is chocolate, biscuits or crisps, here are some lower-calorie substitutes.

Beware that although lower in calories, some of these swaps can still be high in sugar. Also, lower-calorie should not be taken as a license to indulge.

  • Crisps: swap for lower-fat, lower-salt oven-baked crisps, which contain up to 70% less fat than standard varieties.
  • Pork scratchings: try swapping for homemade air-popped, plain popcorn.
  • Ice-cream: opt for lower-fat frozen yogurt, or try sorbet made from sweetened water flavoured with fruit.
  • Cereal bar: despite their healthy image, most cereal bars are high in sugar and fat. Look out for bars that are low in sugar, fat and salt.
  • Chocolate: swap for a lower-calorie hot instant chocolate drink. You can also get chocolate with coffee and chocolate with malt varieties.
  • Biscuits: swap for oat cakes, oat biscuits or unsalted rice cakes, which contain fiber.
  • Sweets: Try dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas, dates, apricots or figs, etc.
  • Cake: Swap for a plain currant bun, fruit scone or malt loaf. Avoid toppings like butter, icing, jam or cream.
  • Sugary fizzy drinks: Try mixing sparkling water with unsweetened fruit juice, or choose a lower-calorie diet variety.

See Why You Should Keep a Food Diary

A food diary can help you identify and tackle problems such as emotional eating. Keeping a food diary involves writing down what you ate, whether you were actually hungry, when you ate and watching for the triggers.

You can use a notebook or one of several food diary charts freely available online. Alternatively, food diaries are often included in weight loss apps on mobile devices.

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